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Our Location

Butterfly House is located in a residential neighborhood in the heart of Laconia.  We do have parking if you have a car, but no worries if you don't!  We are within easy walking distance to:

  • More than 32 weekly meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, and Alanon, as well as the community recovery center, Navigating Recovery 

  • Concord Hospital Laconia

  • Vista Grocery Store, multiple pharmacies, convenience stores, and coffee shops 

  • Laconia Public Library

  • Two public beaches, the WOW walking trail, Planet Fitness, and Fit Focus gym

  • Many opportunities for local employment

Childrenof sober mothers

We Encourage

Visits from 


Our Home

Our home has parking, a porch/patio for fellowship, new washers and dryers, fully equipped kitchens with sanitizing dishwashers, high speed internet, terrific cell phone reception, lots of sunlight, and a warm, cozy domestic environment.