If you are a woman in recovery from addiction or alcoholism and you are seeking a spiritual path, we offer a safe, supportive, affordable drug and alcohol free home, a sisterhood, and a vibrant local 12-Step Community

Please scan your completed application and email it to us as an attachment.

Our monthly housing fee is $700, which includes all utilities.
We require one month's fee in full before you join our home. We do not charge an administrative fee or a security deposit. If you are going to receive financial assistance from an agency or organization to help with your first monthly housing fee, we will need confirmation of that assistance before you join us.

Women find such success at Butterfly House that they aren’t in a hurry to move on. This means we do not have a lot of resident turn-over, although sometimes we have an unexpected, unscheduled opening. Once we receive your application, we review it and put you on our Match List. It helps if you keep checking in with us by email to let us know that you are still interested. Because some women send in applications months in advance of when they will be available to transition to sober living, our Match List is not first-come-first-served. If we are reasonably sure of an opening that matches up with your transition date, we will arrange to have a phone conversation with you to see if our home is a good fit for your needs and expectations. Thank you for your interest in Butterfly House for Women.

Butterfly Houses are private family homes in residential neighborhoods. We strive to be the best possible neighbors and community members. We abide by all zoning and life safety codes applicable to single family residential homes in the City of Laconia. We recycle and pay property taxes and attend to the maintenance of our home.  We are not a facility, shelter, treatment center or institution. We share. And we live together in support of our common recovery and our spiritual pathway as women of honor, dignity, and self-respect.