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Butterfly House 

Twelve Step Recovery Homes for Women

Butterfly House offers women with 30 days to 30 years of recovery from active drug and alcohol addiction a safe, supportive, cooperative home where we live together as sisters, sharing our spiritual 12-step practice, our challenges as women in recovery, and the harmony of our home. 

Our communal living model of true sisterhood and spiritually-vibrant family living allows us, as women, to enjoy the comfort and companionship of a beautiful home that we otherwise could not afford on our own.

By sharing the joys and realities of daily living, together, we can avoid the isolation and loneliness that might have haunted us before we found a spiritual path to recovery.  

At Butterfly House, in an atmosphere of sisterhood and emotional safety, we encourage each other to re-discover our best selves — to fully realize our unique spirit, individual voice, and source of deep inner strength.


Butterfly House homes help us to build and live lives full of hope and resilience, lived with enthusiastic respect for self and others.

Heart & Hands

Homes promoting lives of dignity, honor, and self-respect. 

Butterfly House for Women Meets National Quality Standards for Safe and Ethical Operation As Certified By 

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The state affiliate of 

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Butterfly House for Women is Registered with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services' Recovery Housing Registry

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